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GL 90
Sara Lawrence Pallmann

We are pleased to hear of Greenloo’s expansion to Canada/US markets. We are very happy with our GL 90 maximizer composting toilet. Instructions followed make a comfortable and sophisticated toilet situation. The unit was well received (exception whirlybird fan option was slightly damaged - not Greenloo fault - aside from shipping damage we needed to remove and reinstall the fan’s interior veins as they were upside down? Just so you know).
We live in a rural area, off grid and the two of us provide the Greenloo continuous use as we live here full time. It is an excellent unit overall particularly when compared with competitor models of strange or potentially messy maintenance no one wants for sure. We dug a big hole and filled with compost from toilet for our lovely maple tree (not edible and ornamental) and it is doing great. Thank you for a great product.

GL 90

The toilet I have bought 5 years ago is great. Easy to install. Easy to change storage.
Feels wonderful to sit on. Awesome having no smell in bathroom.
Good price also.

CF 4

Being fully off grid and on a site with a very high water table, conventional septic tank options are not appropriate for our site, and a high energy consuming aerobic system is out of the question.
This installation is a stand alone facility we call the TajMaLoo and will be a trial run for including a Green Loo CF4 in our future container house project.

Works just the way it should

Needed dry material for my composting toilet. Fast delivery!


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