Composting Toilets for Cold climate


Freeze the Flush, Embrace the Chill

Composting Toilets for Cold climate

composting toilets for cold climates

Contrary to popular belief, cold climates do not preclude the use of composting toilets. These systems are successfully implemented worldwide, including in the colder regions of Iceland, Scandinavia, and Canada. Composting toilets can function effectively even below the freezing point, although the composting process itself requires temperatures to remain above 32°F (0°C).

Key Considerations for Cold Climate Composting Toilets

When installing a composting toilet in cold climates, several important factors must be considered:

Installation Location: The location of the composting toilet, whether indoors or outdoors, affects maintenance and operation. Indoor installations in heated spaces primarily require consideration for off-site composting management during colder months, potentially necessitating larger external composting units due to the slower decomposition rates. Conversely, outdoor installations, such as in an outhouse, might need enhanced capacity to accommodate the extended time required for waste to decompose and become safe for use as fertilizer.

Liquid Management: Proper management of liquids is crucial to prevent freezing and blockage in the system. Most composting toilets feature a liquid discharge hose that directs fluids to a larger containment system. In cold environments, it is advisable to insulate this hose, and in extremely harsh conditions, consider installing an electric heating cable to maintain fluid flow.

Our Products

At Waterless Toilet Shop, we offer a variety of composting toilets designed for resilience in cold climates. Our selection includes batch composting Green Toilets, which are particularly robust under such conditions. These toilets allow for easy capacity expansion through additional containers, accommodating longer composting cycles necessitated by colder temperatures.

Durability and Maintenance

All models available at our store are constructed from durable materials with minimal moving parts, reducing the risk of breakdown due to freezing. In the unlikely event that a toilet freezes, it will naturally thaw with the onset of warmer spring temperatures, resuming the composting process. We recommend positioning the composting toilet in a location that receives sunlight, as this can help heat the unit and accelerate the composting process.

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