Composting Toilets to Outhouses

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Tradition Upgraded, Naturally

Composting Toilets to Outhouses

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The Modern Outhouse: A New Era of Comfort and Convenience

The Tradition of the Outhouse

Outhouses have a long history, offering privacy and a designated place for waste in old communities. Back then, they were little more than pits or buckets, often remembered for their unpleasant odors, flies, and inconvenient locations far from the main living areas, sometimes even posing risks like encounters with wildlife.

A Modern Renaissance

Despite their unsavory past, outhouses are making a surprising comeback, especially at cottages, gardens, and natural retreats. Today’s outhouses, equipped with modern composting toilets, offer a much-improved experience, eliminating many of the issues associated with traditional designs.

Benefits of a Modern Composting Toilet

Modern composting toilets have revolutionized the outhouse experience. Here’s how:

Odor-Free: Proper composting toilets are designed to be odorless, removing the need to place the outhouse far from main buildings.

Convenient Location: With no smell to worry about, outhouses can be installed close to existing structures, making them easily accessible. A popular choice is placing them near terraces, almost like an indoor toilet.

Garden Convenience: For avid gardeners, an outhouse provides a convenient solution, eliminating the need to trek indoors. This setup is also ideal for outdoor gatherings, like barbecues, where guests can easily access the facilities.


Choose the Right Composting Toilet: Start planning your outhouse around a suitable composting toilet.

Accessible Location: Place the outhouse in a convenient spot.

Adequate Size: Build a larger outhouse, as it takes almost the same effort as a smaller one.

Water and Cost Savings: An outhouse can save water and reduce wastewater costs, even if you have an indoor water closet. It’s also perfect for outdoor activities with friends and family.

Embrace the benefits of a modern outhouse with a composting toilet, combining tradition with contemporary convenience and environmental sustainability.

Enhanced Capacity and Efficiency

A composting toilet in an outhouse can handle more waste with minimal maintenance compared to smaller indoor systems. Large-capacity batch composting toilets are perfect for outhouses, efficiently managing waste and requiring less frequent attention.

If you’re planning to build your own outhouse, here are some helpful tips:

Plan Your Model: Decide on the toilet model before starting. Our Green Toilet blueprints can serve as a great guide, even if you have your own design in mind.

Size Matters: Ensure the outhouse is spacious enough, with a depth of at least 65 inches for comfortable movement.

Optimal Location: Utilize any natural slopes in your yard to avoid stairs and keep the building accessible as in the drawing below.


Ventilation and Liquid Management: If converting an existing structure, place the toilet against an outer wall for easy ventilation and liquid hose installation.

Upgrade Existing Structures: With our Green Toilet composting systems, you can modernize an old outhouse without needing to build a new one from scratch. For example, Green Toilets have a adjustable waste chute to help installation.

Handwashing Station: Plan for a nearby handwashing station for convenience and hygiene.

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