Composting Toilets to Cabins

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Keeping It Cozy

Composting Toilets to Cabins

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How many users does the toilet have?

Is it going to be indoors or outdoors?

When planning a new toilet for an off-grid cabin, it is important to ask:

  • How many people are using the toilet?
  • Is the cabin used year-around or just seasonally?
  • Is the toilet going to be indoors, outside the cabin or would it be best to have both?

At the Waterless Toilet Shop, we have the best composting and waterless toilets for every off the grid cabin. There are different models for different types of use to find the best fit for your individual needs. What works for your cabin neighbor, may not work for you.

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Versatile Models for Every Need

Finding the right composting toilet for your cabin might never have been easier. We offer a wide range of models tailored to fit both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic design to fit inside your cabin or a robust system for an outdoor outhouse, we have options to suit your cabin.

PRO TIP: Often the best composting toilet for cabin is actually a combination of two different toilets: usually a larger, primary composting toilet located outside for day use and a secondary, possibly a little smaller waterless toilet for indoors for convenience during the night or harsh weather conditions.

At Waterless Toilet Shop, we got a variety of different waterless toilets for cabins. Please take your time to explore the many different options.

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Got a Tight Space? See Our Many Compact Toilets for Small Spaces

Space constraints should never prevent you from enjoying the benefits of a sustainable, waterless toilet. We understand that not every cabin can accommodate a large setup, which is why we offer a variety of smaller-sized composting toilets and other waterless options designed specifically for tight spaces. These compact models are typically self-contained, meaning they hold all waste internally until it can be manually removed and composted elsewhere, often outdoors in a separate composter.

Explore Our Self-contained Waterless Toilets

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Designed and Made for Off-Grid Cabins

Our range of waterless composting toilets is perfectly suited for the unique demands of off-grid cabin life. Designed to function without the need for water, these toilets provide an eco-friendly solution that reduces water usage and minimizes environmental impact. Ventilation is a key feature of any effective composting toilet system, ensuring odorless operation and proper composting activity.

Many of our models include an electric fan to enhance ventilation, which is essential for maintaining the balance of air flow and moisture level within the system. For cabins without access to electricity, we offer a power-free solution: the Whirlybird. This accessory is designed to expel air naturally from the composting toilet, leveraging wind power to provide effective ventilation without the need for electrical power.

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Guaranteed Odorless Design

We take pride in ensuring that all our waterless toilets operate without any smell, providing a clean and comfortable use. Whether you choose a model with direct urine-diversion or one of our design composting toilets, you can be confident in the odorless performance of our toilets.

We take concerns about odor seriously, as a malfunctioning waterless toilet not only harms our reputation but also impacts the environment and the perception of waterless toilets as a whole. A properly functioning and maintained waterless toilet offers a delightful experience and becomes a valuable asset. Conversely, an unpleasant experience with a toilet can leave a lasting negative impression for years.

At Waterless Toilet Shop, we have involved in making hundreds of indoor waterless toilets, most of them into private cabins and holiday homes.

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