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Toilets for
Cabins Off-Grid
Go anywhere. Stay comfortable.

Choose sustainability without sacrificing convenience. Our off-grid cabin toilets provide superior performance and eco-friendly technology, tailored for life beyond the grid.

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Toilets for
Tiny Houses
Live Off the Grid Anywhere

Discover how composting toilets can make your tiny house living long-term and eco-friendly.

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Composting Toilets
For Outhouses

An outhouse with a proper composting toilet can be totally odorless, pleasant to use and easy to maintain.

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Split-system Toilets
Capacity and comfort
All in one

Split-system composting toilets have a stylish toilet pedestal split apart from separate compost chamber below the floor-level. Split-systems have a number of advantages compared to self-contained waterless toilets.

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Waterless Toilets

Self-containing dry toilets are compact solutions for limited spaces.
The term “self-contained” means that all material is stored inside the waterless toilet.

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