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Best Composting Toilets for Off-Grid Cabins

For many cabin owners, upgrading restroom facilities is an important part of ensuring comfort and sustainability. Selecting the right waterless toilet can be a challenge due to the variety of models available. With each model offering different features, finding the perfect fit requires careful consideration of your specific usage and needs. In this article, we’ll guide you through multiple different waterless toilet options available for your cabin, helping you make a more informed decision. We will discuss the following non-flush toilet alternatives in this order:

Composting Toilets for Outhouses

The most common and well-known type of waterless toilet for cabins is the composting toilet. True to its name, a composting toilet processes waste into compost, which can be used as fertilizer around the cabin grounds. One of the advantages of composting toilets is that they generally do not require water or electricity to operate. A well-functioning composting toilet is completely odor-free and pleasant to use and maintain, perhaps needing attention only once during the cabin season. When choosing a composting toilet, it’s important to consider features like liquid separation and ventilation. Effective composting requires excess liquid to be drained from the compost. Additionally, robust ventilation aids in evaporating the liquid and maintaining an odor-free environment.

best composting toilets for cabins composting toilet outhouse backside

best composting toilets for cabins composting toilet outhouse inside

Often, a composting toilet is the best solution for a cabin’s primary restroom. In addition to a composting toilet, a cabin might also have a smaller dry toilet indoors, which is convenient for use at night or in bad weather. One of the main strengths of composting toilets is their high capacity, which means they can be used hundreds of times before needing maintenance.

If there is a need to replace the entire outhouse, consider the size and location of the new structure. A very small outhouse located far from the edge of the property often proves to be impractical. Opt for a slightly larger than average outhouse and try to position it as close to the cabin as possible. Additionally, an existing, usable outhouse structure can be updated to modern standards by fitting it with a new toilet system.

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Does a Composting Toilet Smell?

The most common question we encounter at Waterless Toilet Shop is: “Will it smell?” There are even phrases ingrained in the language from the days when old-time outhouses, especially in the summer heat, were notorious for their odors, leading to the saying about going to “the far end of the yard” due to the necessity to place the outhouse as far away as possible.

Fortunately, times have changed for the better. A composting toilet can actually be more odor-free than a traditional flush toilet. It’s now feasible to place a composting toilet close to other buildings or even inside. Proper planning is crucial so that the design, configuration, and installation meet the specific usage needs.

Indoor Composting Toilets

An indoor composting toilet is specifically designed for interior use, separating excess liquids and composting solid waste into soil. Typically, an indoor composting toilet consists of two main parts: a porcelain seat installed inside the building and a composting chamber located underneath it. Indoor composting toilets offer several advantages not found in other types of dry toilets. Unlike urine-diverting toilets, for example, indoor composting toilets generally have a large capacity, which allows for extended maintenance intervals. Moreover, indoor composting toilets are among the most reliable and can last for decades with proper use.

Indoor composting toilets function similarly to conventional flush toilets but without the need for flushing. Most indoor composting toilets utilize dry materials, such as hemp or peat, not only to enhance the composting process but also to cover the waste, reducing odors and shielding it from direct view. This method effectively facilitates the breakdown of waste into nutrient-rich compost, aligning with sustainable living practices. Dry material can be added after every use or alternatively more at once for example once a week, depending on use.

best composting toilets for cabins indoor composting toilets inside use

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Urine-Diverting Toilets

best composting toilets for cabins urine diverting toilets design

best composting toilets for cabins urine separating toilets design

While many composting toilets separate excess liquid within the unit, urine-separating dry toilets handle this directly at the seat, thus producing two outputs: clean urine and a small amount of solid waste. These types of toilets are commonly referred to as urine-diverting toilets, though this term might seem misleading since composting toilets also separate fluids, just by a different method. Urine separation makes the toilet essentially odorless, as neither solid waste nor urine alone have much of an odor. It is important to plan how to collect and recycle the liquid urine beforehand. Clean urine is highly nutrient-rich, so it should not overload the soil or enter waterways. It’s advisable to have a separate, covered composter for solid waste at the cabin.

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Urine-diverting toilets are versatile and can be used in various settings. At a cabin, a urine-diverting dry toilet can be installed either in an outdoor outhouse or inside the cabin. If installed indoors, it’s beneficial to equip the toilet with an electric fan.

Why We Do Not Sell Incinerating Toilets?

Incinerating toilets operate by burning waste within the unit. These toilets consume a considerable amount of electricity after each use. Although incinerating toilets are sometimes marketed as eco-friendly options, in reality, burning waste is harmful to the environment.


Which Dry Toilet is Best for Your Cabin?

There are many models and solutions for dry toilets, as there are various uses and needs. No single solution fits everyone. When purchasing a dry toilet for your cabin, consider the following:

  • Should the toilet be placed outdoors or indoors?
  • How will the waste be recycled?
  • How many people will use the toilet?
  • Is the capacity sufficient?

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