Large Capacity Composting Toilets

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Big Loads, Bigger Impact

Large Capacity Composting Toilets

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High-Capacity Composting Toilets for Public and Semi-Public Spaces

There are many types of use cases for a composting toilet, where large capacity is needed. Many of those are public or semi-public places, such as touristic sites, summer cafes or community gardens, where there can be dozens to hundreds of users per day. A composting toilet as a toilet technique can very well serve in these cases, but some extra consideration must be paid to the planning and implementation. In general, the more use there is for a composting toilet, the more “the little things” in the execution count.

A good starting point for planning is to estimate the number of daily users of the toilet. If the number of users is uncertain or there is high variance, we might recommend some of our batch composting toilets, because their capacity is more easily extended compared to continuous composting toilets with fixed capacity.

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Meeting Diverse User Needs in Busy Settings

When there are many toilet users, there will also be different needs for the toilet. There are children, elderly people who value accessible solutions – for example. People from different cultures eg. visiting a touristic site may have different habits of using the toilet. These facts call for a “bulletproof” solution. The toilet has to be so easy to use that nobody can break or misuse it. Also, it has to be intuitively usable, so that you do not need to read long lists of instructions to get through the toilet visit. Usually, this background leads us to recommend non-separating, batch composting solutions, such as the Green Toilet Lux 330.

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Importance of Ventilation and Accessories in Heavy Use Toilets

When planning a waterless toilet for heavy use, extra attention should be paid to the ventilation of the composting toilet. Well-designed ventilation will always ensure an odorless toilet, and it will also reduce the amount of excess liquid by dehydrating a great deal of it. Whenever there is electricity available, it should be used to boost the airflow. Oftentimes there is no electricity available for the composting toilet in which a whirlybird can be used, as seen on the images.

The same requirement of careful selection goes with all other accessories that are chosen to the composting toilet system: pedestals, seats, spare containers, filters etc. We here at the Waterless Toilet Shop have a long experience of public composting toilets and are happy to help you to make the right choices.

Maintenance of large capacity compost toilets

Maintenance Considerations for Long-Term Satisfaction

And one should not forget the role of maintenance when talking about a waterless toilet – especially when there will be a lot of toilet waste to handle. Long service intervals, easy and safe handling without any tools are many times on top of the list of the people taking care of the composting toilet. All these wishes can be fulfilled, but they need to be addressed already in the early stages of the planning of the waterless toilet. Is the place and ground easy to operate? Will there be proper space for all the equipment? Will it be a safe and pleasant task to do? These are just some of the important issues.

Enhancing Community Spaces with Eco-Friendly Toilets

A pleasant toilet will be an asset. It is a low-cost solution to buy and to have, but the value for the end-user is high. Customers, visitors, community members will value the ecological and nice toilet solution that is offered to them. So let’s get started and contact us to plan your composting toilet solution!

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